Morgan Brayton

Morgan Brayton

Morgan Brayton makes her home in Vancouver, British Columbia (that’s in Canada) where she performs, writes and enjoys vegan cupcakes with her wife and an excessive number of cats. Morgan is the writer/performer of the award-winning and critically acclaimed one-person shows Girls Like Me and Raccoonery!. She was half of the comedy duo The Crawford Twins and a former member of the popular sketch troupe 30 Helens. Morgan has been a featured performer at Toronto’s We’re Funny That Way Festival, the Vancouver Comedy Festival, Seattle SketchFest and on CBC’s The Debaters and played Mickey Dolenz in a self-produced biopic. Possibly. Morgan is also an in-demand event emcee who can be found hosting everything from burlesque shows to awards galas. An accomplished film and television actor, Morgan can be seen on big and small screens everywhere in a wide range of roles such as: Chubby Best Friend, Second Cashier and Person with Face.

Songs from the one-woman comedic show, Raccoonery!

A moth in love. A hard-partying high school valedictorian. An aging vaudevillian with a scandalous secret. Award-winning comedian Morgan Brayton is back and she’s bringing with her a cadre of new characters, each a little bit nuttier, a little less well adjusted, and a little more lovable than the last. In other words, it’s Morgan Brayton at her finest.

These are the outsiders, the liars, the showboats, the secret loves. The almost-readies and the not-quites. These people--these are definitely your people.

Peppered throughout the show is hilarious, original music from the depths of Brayton’s beautiful mind, brought to life by musician Laura Lee Schultz.