Bruce Peninsula

Bruce Peninsula

Since forming in 2006, Bruce Peninsula’s rolling soul revue has left countless clubs shaken and all critics convinced. Colliding a large female choir into an imaginative four-piece rock band, the music is a strange mix of American gospel, African folk and modern progressive rock, resulting in a style often praised for it’s “genre-less” qualities. Bruce Peninsula are uninterested in walking well-trodden paths and simply believe in singing from the gut and letting the rhythm lead.

The band’s constant core is made up of Misha Bower, Matthew Cully, Neil Haverty, Andrew Barker and Steve McKay, but swells to include many of Toronto’s local luminaries in live performance and on record. That extended group currently includes Daniela Geshundheit (Snowblink), Tamara Lindeman (The Weather Station), Leon Taheny (Germans, Final Fantasy) Ivy Mairi and Kari Peddle, and has previously included Casey Mecija (ohbijou), Katie Stelmanis, Taylor Kirk (Timber Timbre), Mike Smith (Muskox) and Thom Gill (Final Fantasy), to name a few.

In 2009, Bruce Peninsula’s debut full-length, A Mountain Is A Mouth, was nominated to the Polaris Music Prize long-list by critics nation-wide, topping o a windfall year that included glowing reviews by the likes of The Globe And Mail and Billboard Magazine, as well as taste-making websites like the BBC and Pitchfork. 

The band is gearing up to release their sophomore LP, entitled Open Flames, in the Fall of 2011. Featuring 10 wildly adventurous new songs and expertly captured by resident engineer Leon Taheny (also responsible for great records from Final Fantasy, ohbijou, Brian Borcherdt and many more), Open Flames is sure to take the band to new heights. Keep an eye on Bruce Peninsula this year.

BP recently finished scoring Ed Gass-Donneely's independent Canadian feature film, "Small Town Murder Songs" (2010).

Visit Bruce Peninsula's Vimeo Channel to watch video demo reels of their work.