Arturo Sandoval

A protégé of the legendary jazz master Dizzy Gillespie, Arturo Sandoval was born in Artemisa, a small town in the outskirts of Havana, Cuba, on November 6, 1949, just two years after Gillespie became the first musician to bring Latin influences into American Jazz.

Sandoval began studying classical trumpet at the age of twelve, as well as orchestration and composition a bit later in life. However, it did not take long for him to catch the attention of the jazz world. He has since evolved into one of the world’s most acknowledged guardians of jazz trumpet and flugelhorn, as well as a renowned classical artist, pianist and composer.

He is one of the most dynamic and vivacious live performers of our time, and has been seen by millions at the Oscars, at the Grammy Awards, and the Billboard Awards. Sandoval has been awarded 10 Grammy Awards, and nominated 19 times; he has also received 6 Billboard Awards and an Emmy Award. The latter for his composing work on the underscore of the HBO movie based on his life - 'For Love or Country' starring Andy Garcia as Arturo. His recent albums; 'Dear Diz', 'Everyday I Think Of You', 'Tango Como Yo Te Siento' and 'Un Siglo De Pasion' have all won Grammy Awards and nominations. In his latest CD, Eternamente Manzanero, Arturo performs the music of revered Mexican romantic pianist/singer/songwriter, Armando Manzanero. For Arturo, this was a true labor of love. Performing Senor Manzanero's music with co-headliner Jorge Calandrelli, the album is a fresh, modern and pleasant take on his beautiful bolero music. Recently released is a new book chronicling Arturo’s relationship with Dizzy Gillespie entitled 'The Man Who Changed My Life'. In 2013 Arturo was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barak Obama.

Sandoval is also a renowned classical musician, performing regularly with the leading symphony orchestras from around the world. Arturo has composed his own Concerto for Trumpet & Orchestra, which can be heard on 'Arturo Sandoval: The Classical Album'. Arturo has performed with the foremost orchestras in the country as well as abroad and recorded John Williams’ Trumpet Concerto with the London Symphony Orchestra. His classical artistry has earned him the respect and admiration from the most prestigious conductors, composers and symphony orchestras worldwide. Arturo Sandoval’s versatility can be heard on recordings with everyone from Dizzy Gillespie, Woody Herman, Woody Shaw, Michel Legrand, Josh Groban, Tony Bennett, Bill Conti, and Stan Getz to Johnny Mathis, Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka, Rod Stewart and Alicia Keys amongst many others. He has performed with John Williams with the Boston Pops, and in the Super bowl with Tony Bennett and Patti LaBelle. Sandoval’s compositions can also be heard in movies including '1001 to 1' starring Beau Bridges, 'At Middleton' starring Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga, Dave Grusin’s soundtrack for 'Havana' and 'Random Heart', in the 'Mambo Kings' soundtrack with his Grammy nominated composition 'Mambo Caliente', in the soundtrack of 'The Perez Family', '61', 'Mr. Wrong, the documentary 'Oscar', and 'The Family Fuentes' among others. Sandoval was commissioned by the Kennedy Center Ballet to score 'Pepito’s Story,' a ballet based on the book by Eugene Fern and choreographed by Debbie Allen. Sandoval also composed the music for the plays 'The Hot Chocolate Nutcracker', 'Soul Possessed' and 'Oman O Men'. And as mentioned above, he was awarded an Emmy for his composing work on the entire underscore of the HBO movie based on his life, “For Love or Country” starring Andy Garcia.

Active in education, Sandoval was a tenured professor at Florida International University for 19 years. In 2012, Arturo created the Arturo Sandoval Institute to educate, support and inspire music students to continue music education. The Institute helps students regardless of their economic circumstances by providing scholarships, instruments, concerts, clinics, master classes and financial support.

Arturo Sandoval reaches beyond the scope of mere effort. His struggles while in Cuba and since his defection have given him more energy and strength, urging him to accomplish and surpass his childhood dreams. Filled with a virtuoso capability, he desires nothing more than to share his gift with others who feel the same intense adoration for music as he does. One frequently speaks of Arturo Sandoval’s virtuoso technical ability or his specialty in high notes, but he who has seen him on the piano, lyricallyimprovising a ballad, or has had the opportunity to enjoy the diversity of his music, through his compositions from the most straight ahead jazz, Latin jazz or classical, knows that Arturo Sandoval is a prominent musician, and one recognizes that Arturo is one of the most brilliant, multifaceted and renowned musicians of our time.