Raised in Terra Cotta, Ontario, Greg Fisher worked in London (U.K.) and Los Angeles before moving back to Toronto and co-founding FISH-FRY Music & Sound in 1999. A talented musician and former T.O. nightclub DJ, Greg has composed and produced music for a wide variety of TV shows and commercials.

As a former DJ and member of many live bands over a 15-year period, Derek Treffry brought a vast performance history to the table (in addition to degrees in economics and law) when he co-founded FISH-FRY. He has since composed themes and soundtracks for dozens of TV series and film projects.

FISH-FRY are well known for their long-standing association with designer, Sarah Richardson, having composed the music for 'Design Inc', 'Sarah’s House', 'Sarah's Cottage', 'Sarah 101', and 'Real Potential'.  Some of their other notable recent series include: 'Disaster DIY' for HGTV, 'MegaWorld' & 'MegaSpeed' for Discovery, 'Border Security' for National Geographic & Global and 'House of Bryan' for HGTV.  You can hear some of their station IDs on Slice, HGTV and The Score and their theme music on almost a dozen other shows including: 'Design DNA', 'The Mom Show', and 'Manufactured'.

Recently, they scored the Discovery special 'Mother Nature is Trying to Kill You'.