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'LOST CITIES WITH ALBERT LIN premieres October 20th on Nat Geo!' core news picture

LOST CITIES WITH ALBERT LIN premieres October 20th on Nat Geo!

Follow Dr. Albert Lin as he embarks on a high-tech adventure to revolutionize archaeology, utilizing ground-penetrating radar, LiDar and 3D scanning. Series music by Core composer Catalin Marin.

Watch the episode 1 TEASER HERE.

'INDIEWIRE - ‘The Lighthouse’ Exclusive: Try Staying Sane Listening to Mark Korven’s Original Score' core news picture

INDIEWIRE - ‘The Lighthouse’ Exclusive: Try Staying Sane Listening to Mark Korven’s Original Score

Check out INDIEWIRE'S exclusive article on Core composer Mark Korven's score. Included is a sneak-peek track from the soundtrack album. The soundtrack is set for release on October 18 on Milan Records/Sony Music Masterworks, A24 will be releasing the film in theatres the same day.

- "Eggers has re-teamed with his “Witch” composer Mark Korven for “The Lighthouse,” resulting in a bombastic and bold musical accompaniment that amps up the film’s chills and drama to full effect."


'She Walks With Apes on CBC' core news picture

She Walks With Apes on CBC

Two-time Golden Globe Award winner SANDRA OH narrates the new feature-length documentary “She Walks With Apes”, premiering on CBC’s “The Nature Of Things”.

The upcoming two-hour special presents a new take on primatologist JANE GOODALL’s early years living with chimpanzees, as well as the lives of the late researcher DIAN FOSSEY, who was killed while working with gorillas in Rwanda, and Canadian anthropologist Biruté Galdikas, who went to live with the orangutans of Borneo.

Scored by Core Composer, KEN MYHR “She Walks With Apes” airs Friday, September 20, at 8 p.m. ET on CBC and the free CBC Gem streaming service.

'Heavy to Screen At Deauville.' core news picture

Heavy to Screen At Deauville.

Jouri Smit’s revenge thriller HEAVY, will premiere at The Deauville American Festival in the luxury French resort town
of Deauville, Sept 6-15. 

The film, scored by Core composer JAMES MARK STEWART stars UK actress Sophie Turner (GAME OF THRONES). Ms Turner will also receive the Hollywood Rising Star award at the festival.

'In The Tall Grass at Fantastic Fest & Sitges' core news picture

In The Tall Grass at Fantastic Fest & Sitges

IN THE TALL GRASS is set to have its world premiere at FANTASTIC FEST in Austin Texas this Sept 9-16th, and will open the 52nd SITGES International Film Festival October 3-13.

Directed by Vincenzo Natali, and based on the STEPHEN KING and JOE HILL novella, the Netflix original film stars Patrick Wilson and was scored by CORE composer MARK KORVEN (The Witch, The Lighhouse, Ridley Scott's The Terror: Infamy).

Read about it on the FANTASTIC FEST site.

Read about it on the SITGES site.