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'Halcyon 6 Wins Firestarter - Best Game Music Award' core news picture

Halcyon 6 Wins Firestarter - Best Game Music Award

Game Audio Awards has announced its 2018 winners, and this year the Firestarter Audience Favourite award for Best Game Music went to #CoreComposer Steve London

Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander has seen many positive reviews since it was first released on Steam in 2017, not the least of which have been for its compelling, retro-analogue synth-arpeggiating, hybrid orchestral score. Not a kitchy homage, the score, like the game, pulls you deep into the action and strategy of this open world RPG.



Core composers will be at this year's Tribeca film festival in NYC with two films:

STOCKHOLM (Sweden/CAD/USA): Directed & written by Robert Budreau and scored by Steve London, the film stars Ethan Hawke and Noomi Rapace. In 1973, an unhinged American outlaw walked into a bank in Sweden demanding millions in cash in exchange for his hostages. The events that followed would capture the attention of the world and ultimately give a name to a new psychological phenomenon: Stockholm syndrome.

YELLOW IS FORBIDDEN (New Zealand): Directed and written by Pietra Brettkelly and scored by Tom Third, this documentary is about celebrated Chinese couturier Guo Pei. Perhaps best known for designing the brilliant gold gown Rihanna wore to the Met Ball in 2015, Guo’s quest to be recognized by the gatekeepers of Paris haute couture goes beyond the red carpet and taps into global power dynamics and the perpetual tension between art and commerce.

'Todor Kobakov Wins a CSA for CARDINAL' core news picture

Todor Kobakov Wins a CSA for CARDINAL

The stars of Canadian Film & Television came out last week to honour industry excellence. CTV's series 'Cardinal' received 8 nominations and won the award in 5 categories, including 'Best Achievement in Music for a Dramatic Series'.

This was Kobakov's 2nd CSA award. He won last year for his collaboration on the score for 'Born to Be Blue', starring Ethan Hawke, and was nominated in 2016 for his score to the Syfy/Space series, 'Bitten'.

'4 CSA Noms for Core Composers' core news picture

4 CSA Noms for Core Composers

Core extends a big congratulations to Todor Kobakov, Michael Richard Plowman, John Welsman and to Core's newest member, Ben Fox for their Canadian Screen Award nominations.

Kobakov was nominated for the series "CARDINAL" Best Original Music - Fiction; Plowman for "AVENUES OF ESCAPE", and Welsman for "WHERE THE UNIVERSE SINGS", both in the category of Best Original Music - Non Fiction.

Fox was nominated for his score to Kathleen Hepburn's tender and heartbreaking film "NEVER STEADY, NEVER STILL". The film was also nominated in 8 other categories, including Best Motion Picture.

Many thanks to the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television. The 2018 Canadian Screen Awards will be broadcast on CBC Sunday March 11, 2018 at 8pm (9pm AT/9:30pm NT). 

'Hello Goodbye Season 3 on CBC' core news picture

Hello Goodbye Season 3 on CBC

CBC's Hello Goodbye returns Friday Jan. 12, 8:30/9pm NL with the season 3 premiere. Psychotherapist Dale Curd draws out people from all walks of life as they welcome home or say goodbye to their loved ones at the world's busiest airports.

Scored by #CoreComposer Mario Vaira, the show highlights universal themes of love, family, friendship, grief and joy. Every traveller has a unique story to tell.