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'2023 ASCAP Awards for Thomson & Rogers' core news picture

2023 ASCAP Awards for Thomson & Rogers

Big congrats to Core composers Hamish Thomson and Matthew Rogers for their 2023 ASCAP Award - "Top Rated Series", for Chesapeake Shores.

'Michael Richard Plowman - Performance Worth Watching' core news picture

Michael Richard Plowman - Performance Worth Watching

"Holiday Heritage is a heartwarming watch and hopefully the first of many annual Kwanzaa movies." - Brett White,

Performance Worth Watching: I’m going to give this to composer Michael Richard Plowman, whose work in this film has to be called out. I’ve frequently pointed out how rich cinematography can elevate any holiday TV movie from good to great, but I’ve never put much thought into how the original music accomplishes a similar thing. There is a real percussive, propulsive heart to the score that adds to the emotional stakes of every montage — all while still feeling festive.

'THE PERIPHERAL premieres on Amazon Prime' core news picture

THE PERIPHERAL premieres on Amazon Prime

Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy's adaptation of William Gibson's novel premieres on Amazon Prime Oct. 21st. Scored by Core composer MARK KORVEN, and starring Chloë Grace Moretz, the dark sci-fi series was named by The Guardian as "one of the seven best shows to stream this week."

Read more about THE PERIPHERAL and see the trailer  link in Variety.

'Curb Your Carbon, Narrated by Ryan Reynolds, On CBC' core news picture

Curb Your Carbon, Narrated by Ryan Reynolds, On CBC

Humour, crazy stunts and stunning animations: Curb Your Carbon reveals the simple and effective ways we can all help fight climate change in an easy-to-understand way. Narrated by environmental activist and Canadian actor, RYAN REYNOLDS, and scored by Core composer JIM McGRATH, The Nature of Things: Curb Your Carbon premieres on January 14, 2022, 9pm on CBC.

Click here to see the trailer.

'THE SLOW HUSTLE Premieres on HBO' core news picture


What’s at stake when the system doesn’t change?

Scored by Core composer LODWIJK VOS, #TheSlowHustleHBO, is an @HBO original documentary from @SonjaSohn, exploring the death of Baltimore Detective Sean Suiter and the city’s rampant institutional corruption. Premieres December 7 at 8 PM on @HBOMax.