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'Coroner Announces CBC Premiere' core news picture

Coroner Announces CBC Premiere

CORONER,  starring @SerindaSwan will premiere on @CBC on January 7th! Stay tuned for more! @CoronerCBC. Scored by Core composer Tom Third!

'Dead in the Water Premieres on Syfy' core news picture

Dead in the Water Premieres on Syfy

#DandelionProds celebrates @SYFY #31daysofhalloween 10-year Anniversary with chilling 2-hour thriller #DEADINTHEWATER OCT 27 9/8C on SYFY. 

Scored by Core composers Steve London and Craig McConnell


'Mister Tachyon Premieres on VICELAND' core news picture

Mister Tachyon Premieres on VICELAND

Mister Tachyon, VICELAND's new show by Director X takes a journey beyond the bleeding edge of science. The masked host sorts fact from science fiction, exploring the possibility of telekinesis, telepathy, orgone energy, tornado tapping, and more.

Scored by #CoreComposer group Menalon, the series premieres on VICELAND (US) Wednesdays at 11pm, starting on July 11, 2018


'RANSOM RETURNS' core news picture


Scored by #CoreComposer Todor Kobakov, Global's suspense-filled drama RANSOM is back on our screens this Saturday (8 p.m. ET/PT).

The 13-episode series returns to the life-and-death world of crisis and hostage negotiator Eric Beaumont (Luke Roberts: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides) and his elite team of experts. This season, as they negotiate with top-ranking criminals and delve deep into the world of high-stakes hostage situations, the team members struggle to balance their personal lives in a criminal world that knows no boundaries.

'Hello Goodbye Season 3 on CBC' core news picture

Hello Goodbye Season 3 on CBC

CBC's Hello Goodbye returns Friday Jan. 12, 8:30/9pm NL with the season 3 premiere. Psychotherapist Dale Curd draws out people from all walks of life as they welcome home or say goodbye to their loved ones at the world's busiest airports.

Scored by #CoreComposer Mario Vaira, the show highlights universal themes of love, family, friendship, grief and joy. Every traveller has a unique story to tell.