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'Halcyon 6 Wins Firestarter - Best Game Music Award' core news picture

Halcyon 6 Wins Firestarter - Best Game Music Award

Game Audio Awards has announced its 2018 winners, and this year the Firestarter Audience Favourite award for Best Game Music went to #CoreComposer Steve London

Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander has seen many positive reviews since it was first released on Steam in 2017, not the least of which have been for its compelling, retro-analogue synth-arpeggiating, hybrid orchestral score. Not a kitchy homage, the score, like the game, pulls you deep into the action and strategy of this open world RPG.

'Halcyon 6 Soundtrack Releases on iTunes' core news picture

Halcyon 6 Soundtrack Releases on iTunes

Massive Damage's Halcyon 6: Starbase Comander has been getting a lot of attention in the gaming community since it's release 9.9.16. Steam & GOG sales have it at #2 in the US. Now you can purchase Steve London's immersive soundtrack on iTunes & CDBaby as well.

Sprites & Dice: "I spent at least 2 to 3 minutes sitting at the title screen just so I could take in the awesome soundtrack (seriously, the music in this game is that good)." Brutal Gamer: "...the music just brings the game to life."


'Triad Wars Revealed!' core news picture

Triad Wars Revealed!

Announced this week: Triad Wars, the highly anticipated sequel to the hugely successful first person shooter game Sleeping Dogs will see an early 2015 release for PC. The open-world action strategy game challenges players to rise to power in the violent criminal underworld of Hong Kong.

Like its predecessor, the game was produced by United Front Games and scored by Core composer Jeff Tymoschuk. Check out the official reveal trailer and register for the closed beta version here.

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Sleeping Dogs Finalist at Video Game Awards

Finalists for the 2013 Canadian Video Game Awards have been announced and big kudos goes out to the Square Enix / United Front Games title "Sleeping Dogs". The open world, undercover cop game has been shortlisted in 6 categories:  Fan's Choice Award, Best Console Game, Best Animation, Best New Character, Best Writing and Best Original Music.

The award ceremonies will take place April 20th in Vancouver, BC. All eyes and ears at Core will be on Sleeping Dogs score composer, Jeff Tymoschuk; fingers are crossed for the entire United Front Games team.