Brent Belke

Composer Brent Belke has a unique background. After co-founding the catalystic skate-punk band SNFU and the hardcore power-pop group The Wheat Chiefs, he turned his attention to jazz and classical studies in 1998, and began a career in film and television scoring. He draws his inspiration from a passion to challenge, and works in a wide range of music styles, combining raw sound elements, electronics and traditional acoustic instruments. This eclecticism is clearly heard in the string quartet, Asian percussion and electronic textures of 'Exposures', in the solo guitar scoring of 'Drive, She Said', and in the radio dial variety of 'Pretty Boys'. Brent covers a wide musical landscape with a keen sense of harmony and melody.

He has a long history of working with director Mina Shum on theatrical features, composing both songs and score. He’s composed for numerous award-winning television documentaries, including: 'Reservation Soldiers', 'Pretty Boys' and 'Rage'. In addition, Belke has scored over a dozen television movies and worked on six television series, including 'Road Hockey Rumble' for which he received a Leo Award nomination. He recently completed scoring the Hallmark Channel’s 'Radio Hype' and the TV movie, 'The Unauthorized Full House Story' for Lifetime.

His feature length NFB documentary 'Ninth Floor' premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in 2015. Brent recently received his 2nd Leo nomination for his work on the comedy/romance series 'You Me Her'.