Richard Pell

Founder of Vertigosound Music, Richard picked up the guitar at age 5, and began his professional career at 14, writing and playing with several eclectic Toronto bands such as: Oliver Schroer and the Stewed Tomatoes, Broken Arrow and Chunk O`Funk.

Richard studied at the Royal Conservatory of Toronto where he learned a variety of musical disciplines ranging from Baroque to 20th Century Avant-Garde. After studying with eminent orchestrator Scott Smalley in New York City, he returned to his native Toronto to start Vertigosound Music, and has since produced scores for over 40 television series, documentaries, feature films and musicals .

Highlights include: the DHX sitcom Raising Expectations starring Jason Priestly and Molly Ringwald (created by Tom Saunders of Arrested Development fame), four seasons of HBO`s Call Me Fitz (created by Sheri Elwood), and four seasons of the sitcom Less Than Kind starring Maury Chaykin. He also provided music for Vincenzo Natale’s sci-fi classic Splice starring Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley. Most recently, he’s been scoring the BBC series MaloryTowers which is based on the eponymous books by Enid Blyton, and scoring the celebrated animation series DOT for CBC Kids.

The smash retro-musical Bang Bang Baby for which he wrote all of the songs, won the award for Best First Feature Film at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival and his series’ Call Me Fitz and Less than Kind, won ‘Best Comedy Series’ for 2 consecutive years at the Canadian Screen Awards.